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Pinata Simulator Update 4

New Features

- Area 51

This area is top-secret and only available to VIP members. It has the ability to spawn any Pinata in the game as well as a super secret Alien pinata. The government has been hiding it from us. Legend says that it holds more candy than any pinata created thus far!

- VIP Game Pass

New VIP game pass offers tons of awesome rewards! Here's a few of them:

- 15% off all cases & eggs (excluding Robux ones)

- Golden Angel Pet & Golden Slasher Weapon (each level 100)

- +50,000 Candy (one-time)

- [VIP] Chat tag

- +5 Speed (+10 if you have 2x Speed)

- Special role & permissions in our Discord server (

- Tier 1 Premium Weapon Case & Egg

These can be found in the first world's shops & contain the best item in each of the cases/eggs in the shop + an additional item better than anything you can find in the shop. This comes at a cost though, as each case/egg is 100R$


- Reduced price to upgrade items by around 8%

- Item shop prices are now exponential & in most cases will better scale with the price of the cases that you can find them in

- Pets' multipliers now increase by 0.01x every 6 levels instead of every 5

- Shiny pets will now give double the multiplier for their level!

- Pinatas can now spawn a little bit farther from their original location after re-spawning

- Increased the speed at which you swing your weapon by 10%


- Enchanted items should now still remain enchanted after being traded

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