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Pinata Simulator Update 3

New Features

- Enchanted Weapons

Exchange 10 of the same weapons (any level!) at the Weapon Shop or in your Inventory & you'll get yourself an Enchanted weapon! These weapons glow purple & will be double the average level of the Weapons you exchanged!

- Tier 6 Weapon Case & Egg

The new Tier 6 Weapon Case & Egg have been added to the Pastel Palace Area! They're 1,000,000 candy each & are filled with epic pets & weapons that can reach levels not yet seen before!

- Pastel Palace #2

Conquered the first Pastel Palace area and are awaiting the next one? Well wait no longer, you can now enter the new area for 5,000,000 Candy! This area features a new map style original from any other we've created & boasts some Pastel Pinatas that give INSANE rewards!


- EVERY pet can now give you a multiplier, and not just Shiny ones! Multipliers are determined by your pets' levels & is increased by 1% every 5 levels!

- You can now equip 4 pets by default (was 3) and 8 pets if you own the Game Pass that gives additional pets (was 5)!

- Exchanging for Shiny Pets now gives 2x the average level of the 10 pets you're exchanging instead of 2x the max level

- Item Shop prices have been increased by about 15%

- Pets' attack speeds now scales based on how many pets you have equipped (less pets = slower attacking)

- You can now access Pet/Weapon upgrades directly from your inventory menu

- Changed the way pet names/weapon names are displayed when they're shiny or enchanted. Also added a new Overlay so that you can easily find the items!


- Trading bug that sometimes wouldn't let you add certain items

- Falling through the ground when teleporting back to the Hub

- Candy going through walls and/or floors (in most cases)

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