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Pinata Simulator Update 2

New Features

- Shiny Pets

Exchange 10 of the same pets (any level!) at the Pet Shop & you'll get yourself a Shiny pet! These pets are 2x the Max Level of the pets you exchanged, give a 10% candy boost (20% with the 2x Candy Pass), and have their colors inverted so that other people know they're Shiny!

- Tier 5 Weapon Case & Egg

The new Tier 5 Weapon Case & Egg have been added to their respective shops. They're 250,000 candy each & are filled with Galactic Pets & Weapons that can reach levels not yet seen before!

- Insta-Open Buff

A few people were complaining about how slow the Insta-Open game pass was still taking before you could open your next egg or case, so we fixed that up for you guys. You can now click "Open 1 more" after an egg or case opens to instantly buy another one. You can thank me later, you've got tons of cases & eggs to open right now. ;)

- Multiplier Display

With the addition of the Pet Multipliers for Shiny Pets, we've included a brand new Multiplier display at the bottom right of the Inventory UI.

- Additional Inventory Slots

Players who own every extra inventory game pass now purchase even more inventory slots by clicking the '+' button next to their current capacity.

- New +1,000 Candy Piece

We've added a new Multi-colored candy piece that gives 1,000 candy upon picking it up!


- Leaderboards now update every 3 minutes instead of once per server

- Pressing 'B' on a controller will now close any currently opened menus

- MAJOR Xbox UI selector improvements


- Purchasing errors should now happen less often

- Everyone's pets randomly disappearing

- You can no longer use the Item Shop to surpass the inventory limit

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