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Pinata Simulator Update 1.5

New Features

- Weapon Upgrades

Got your pets all maxed out now but couldn't seem to get that max level weapon? Head on over to the cashier at the Weapon Shop to upgrade your weapons!


For a limited time only, you can now open a 4th of July Weapon Case or Egg & get one of eight limited-edition items.. if you have the Robux. This sale will end on July 10th, so hop in and grab you some items before it's too late!


Wanting to buy more than 100,000 candy? Maybe just looking for a better deal? Now you've got it! You can now purchase 250,000 candy for 2,499R$.

- XBOX Hotkeys

You will now see a hotkey popup specifically for XBOX (if you're on XBOX) when getting near cases, eggs, or anything in the future that uses an interact button. You can now press "Y" on your controller to interact with things.


- Prices to upgrade pets & weapons have been reduced by about 15%

- The amount of candy dropped in each pinata has been slightly buffed for every zone

- Item shop now updates every 24 hours instead of every 72 hours


- Scrolling in the Level up pet screen

- Using teleporters would sometimes cause you to fall through the map

- Sometimes pets wouldn't attack the Bosses even though you were close enough to attack it

- Weapon UIs weren't clipping correctly and were hanging out beneath the trade & backpack menus

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