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Pinata Simulator Update 1

New Features

- Pet Feeding

Got the pet you wanted but not the level you wanted? Now you can head to the pet shop and feed your pet some candy to upgrade him (or her) and increase their level!

- Space Station

Unlock the new Space Station area for 275,000 candy & start smashing some Moon Pinatas! There's a 10% chance that a Boss Pinata will spawn in this area, which will give 3x as much candy as a normal Pinata! Hmmmm, what's that rocket for? 🤔

- Tier 4 Weapon Case & Tier 4 Egg

Head to the Pet Shop and/or Weapon Shop to try your chances at the new cases and eggs! You can buy them for 60,000 candy each.

- Featured Item Shop

This shop contains 4 pets & 4 weapons of varying levels that you can use your candy to buy!

- New Pet Shop

The Weapon Shop & Pet Shop have been separated into two different buildings because.. well, what kind of shop sells both weapons and pets? If you find one please call PETA and let them know.

- Max Level Overlay

Items that are the max level that you can get them to now have a glowing blue outline around them

- Toggle Background Music

I saw some content creators playing the game the other day and they had a concern about their videos being copyright-claimed due to the background music so.... here ya go.

- Get a FREE Weapon

No scam I swear. Pls don't report. Head on over to our development group ( and click that join button, then flip that image that pops up about 900 times until it's in the correct spot & you my friend will have you a free weapon. This weapon will range anywhere from level 10 to level 20 when you receive it. (You may have to rejoin)

- New Badges

We've added two new badges, one for opening your first weapon case and one for opening your first pet egg.


- Black fog has been added to the entrance of zones you've yet to unlock

- Candy Magnet's radius has been increased

- Ice Kingdom's price has been reduced to 5,000 candy

- Dusty Desert's price has been increased to 20,000 candy

- Mushroom Forest's price has been increased to 70,000 candy

- Pinatas at the Hub now range from 3-8 HP instead of 5-10 HP

- The old Swing button on mobile has been replaced with a larger one that is more appealing and won't be blocked by the Jump button (You can thank me now)

- Pets now no-clip to get to you when they're too far away instead of just teleporting to you.

- The amount of candy that Pinatas drop is now solely based on their original amount of HP. In most all cases you will be getting more candy than before.


- Added some invisible barriers around the map

- Item previews should no longer have a white outline around them

- Fixed some issues where numbers would appear higher than they should have due to rounding problems

- Updated the back-end for generating item previews to improve performance

- The size of player names in the trading menu have been cut in half for players on mobile devices

- Weapon Cases & Eggs were giving more than favorable odds. This was in error and has been fixed (Sorry!)

- Fixed a dupe bug

- Fixed Xbox not working

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