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Case Clicker Mythic Case Update!


Case Clicker Mythic Case Update Changelog (May 10th, 2019)



  • Added a new Mythic Case that you can purchase for 50 gems. Its chances are as follows: Legendary: 25%, Omega: 50%, Mythic: 25%

  • Added a blue tab that will show up on the top left of the items in your backpack that you have equipped.

  • Added a ;shutdown command to VIP Servers, to easily get everyone out of your VIP Server when Roblox's shutdown button isn't working.

  • Added a better debug message for when your data is unable to load. Be sure to report the message you see if you get it!



  • Opening/closing UIs now takes 0.25s instead of 0.5s

  • Reduced the price of the 10M Bux product to 350 R$ (was 400)

  • Reduced the price of the 100M Bux product to 2,000 R$ (was 2,500)

  • The bottom navigation bar is now sorted alphabetically.

  • Increased the price of the Common Case to 3.5K Bux

  • Increased the price of the Rare Case to 65K Bux

  • Increased the price of the Epic Case to 175K Bux

  • Increased the price of the Legendary Case to 300K Bux

  • Changed the chances of the Omega Case. They are now as follows: Unobtainable: 5% (if owned), Epic: 75%, Legendary: 19.95%, Omega: 0.05%

  • Changed the price of the Omega Case from 100 Gems to 450K Bux

  • Updated the design of the Cases UI

  • Removed the "Market" button at the top of the screen in favor of a "Shop" button, which you can then use to access the Market & much more!

  • Backpack sorting has been phased out and will now sort by Highest Price all the time. This has been phased out to make room for a search bar and other features in the near future

  • The rarity percentages in the cases menu are now in order of lowest tier to highest tier

  • Increased the price of the Gear, Faces, and Packages Cases to 95K



  • Using the "Sell All Below" button no longer sells Clothing

  • Added a fix for when Roblox's spawns put players above the map (thx roblox)

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes when you first open the Backpack it wouldn't load your items until you switch tabs

  • Fixed the Spring Scythe being in the wrong tab in the Backpack - It should now equip properly!

  • The amount of Bux that can fall when clicking for Bux on mobile has been halved to improve performance & has been slightly increased on other platforms to improve the looks

  • Improved Anti-Exploit & added more security for Upgrades

  • Improved the back-end code that opens cases & you should now notice a significant improvement in case opening performance!

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