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Case Simulator Update 3

New Features

- Atlantis

Purchase the new Atlantis area for 100M Bux! It's the first and only area to date that contains Mythics Cases for you to collect!

- Mythic Egg

Pick up some new Mythic Eggs from Pet Park to have a higher chance at getting Legendary pets & have a slight chance at getting Mythic pets!

- Item Cloner!

You can now get 3 items per Case & 3 pets per egg if you've got the Robux. Be sure to pick up the brand new Item Cloner game pass!

- New Items!

>Sea Dragon - Face (12M)

>Bucket of the Sea - Accessory (9M)

>Crown of Triton - Accessory (10M)

>Captain Squid - Package (14M)

>Shark - Pet (9M)

>Goldfish - Pet (8M)


- Buffed Legendary Case & Egg


- Improved Anti-Exploit

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