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Case Simulator - Update 2 (June 1st, 2019)


Case Simulator - Update 2 (June 1st, 2019)



  • Added a new zone: GRAVEYARD! You can access this area for 50M Bux and has a very much increased chance of spawning Legendary Cases!

  • Added 2 new Legendary Pets (Ghost & Spiked Earth Element)

  • Added 2 new Mythic Pets (Zombie & Golden Reign)

  • All 4 of these new pets will be in the Featured Shop for a limited time!

  • Added 3 new Uncommon Packages

  • Added a new Legendary Package (Boulder Basher)



  • Pets are now slightly more spaced out to help people that have lots of pets equipped at the same time!



  • Fixed a problem where parts of the map (especially the Moon map) would get in the way of you clicking cases -- You can now click cases through the map if you're close enough to the case


Check out our previous update here:

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