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Case Simulator Update 1 (May 19th, 2019)


Case Simulator Update 1 (May 19th, 2019)



  • Added the Featured Item Shop, which changes between 4 different items of Epic or higher rarity every 24 hours. It also has a chance of showing one of the two new Mythic items! (Purple Dominus Pet & Green Dominus Pet -- They're currently the only two Mythic items in the game!)

  • As stated above, 2 new Pets have been added to the game:

Purple Dominus - Mythic rarity, worth 7,000,000

Green Dominus - Mythic rarity, worth 6,000,000

  • We've added Pet Park, an all new location found next to the city where you can find all of the Eggs!



  • Menus within the game now open/close in 0.25s instead of 0.5s

  • Clicking menu buttons on the left side of the screen now distorts them in a more "natural" way

  • The amount of Cases that spawn on each map has been reduced



  • Attempted a fix for "Dead Cases", or cases that spawn on the ground that you don't have the option to click. This may or may not work, I'm not entirely sure yet.

  • You should no longer spawn above the map when first spawning in or resetting


nobody: Why is this "Update 1" when there have been previous updates in the past?

me: This is the full release of the game, as you will now notice that the "Beta" tag has been dropped from the game's name. We plan to continue with this numbering of updates as we continue to update the game!

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