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Case Clicker Update 7

First off, I want to start by saying that we're moving away from Friday update days. Updates will now be more sporadic and not on planned day(s). I would often finish updates way before Friday but then wait until then to release them to keep the schedule up, however there would also be times when I would release updates (like 6.1) with the main features that I wanted to release being unfinished and I'd have to come up with something so that I could stay on schedule. Anyways, enjoy the update! ๐Ÿ˜Š

New Features

- Golden Items!

Exchange 10 of the same item for a Golden item! This will give the item a golden appearance, and make it worth 11x its original price.


- Clothing has been removed from the game. You will now wear whatever clothing you're wearing on the website in-game. This change was made to improve back-end code, prevent future exploits, and improve backpack speeds. It was a huge strain on both the players' networks & the server to have items in the game thats name I had to load from the website.

- Sell amount UI no longer pops up when you click "Sell" and you only own one of an item

- Re-designed backpack, item, and case win UIs

- Removed the ability to toggle 2D backpack

- Removed the "Spinning" effect on 3D items

- Revamped the way equipping items works to be much more efficient

- TEMPORARILY disabled Market - There were issues with Golden items in the Market that I must address before re-enabling it.


- Improved performance/security of item equipping & locking

- Exploit fixes

- Improved 3D item viewing, especially for Gear items

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