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Case Clicker Update 6

New Features

- NEW Ultimate Item

We added another new Ultimate item, this item is a Rainbow Sparkle Time Dominus that will change colors while you're wearing it! You will be able to get the item in the Featured shop during this week.

- DJ Booth

Tired of listening to the same songs playing over and over when you enter Club Clicker? Spice it up a little by adding your own music to the queue, for only 5 gems.


- Last week's Featured Shop update has been reverted & the Featured Shop will now update every 24 hours along side the Daily Shop

-Mythic Case's price has been increased from 100 gems to 125 gems & now has a 1% chance of giving an Ultimate item!


- If you attempt to spend gems on a bonus and for some reason a problem occurs, the game should no longer take your gems anyways.

- When inside of Club Clicker other players should no longer be semi-transparent

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