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Case Clicker - Update 4 (June 14th, 2019)


Case Clicker - Update 4 (June 14th, 2019)


What's new?

  • ALIEN ATTACK! Aliens are attacking Case Clicker! Go to the green beam of light to enter the aliens' UFO. You will then have to complete an obstacle course to leave the UFO. Upon completing the obstacle course, you will be granted an Exclusive item, Scary Alien Head, worth 1 billion! There's just one trick.. there's no checkpoints. (Limited time only!)

  • Added a new Ultimate item: Evil Alien Head! This item will be in the Featured shop only while the alien event is ongoing.

  • Implemented a system to try to prevent players from teleporting around the map



  • VIP game pass now grants +5 speed!



  • Fixed a memory leak

  • Attempted to fix a problem with the loading screen hanging infinitely. If you're still experiencing problems with it, you should see text in your dev console if you press F9. If you notice anything related to data not loading be sure to screenshot it and post it in the bug-reports channel of our Discord server:

  • Optimized the inventory system for Jackpot so that players with larger inventories should notice much less lag while it's loading in your inventory

  • Fixed a problem where the games tab wouldn't display correctly for smaller screen resolutions

  • Fixed a problem where some gear items & click to move would cause some players to be banned. If you were banned for this be sure to let us know in our Discord server:


Side note: Gear items have been temporarily disabled while the alien event is happening. They'll work again after it's over!

Check out our previous update here:

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