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Case Clicker - Update 3 (June 7th, 2019)

Updated: Jun 19, 2019


Case Clicker - Update 3 (June 7th, 2019)



  • Added a new Triple Case game pass, which allows you to open 3 cases at once instead of opening only one at a time!

  • Added a new loading screen so that while you're waiting to retrieve your data from the server you can be loading in images/assets instead of just sitting there on a black screen

  • Added a new Elder Animation (Legendary)



  • The entire Jackpot interface has been changed! You can now add items to the jackpot directly from the Jackpot interface and you no longer have to go to your backpack. It also removes the ability to view other players' win percentages and replaces it with the ability to see every item that is currently in the Jackpot

  • Improved the lighting on 3D item UIs

  • Reduced the price of items in the Daily Shop by 12.5%



  • Fixed a problem causing 3D item UIs to have a white outline around the item

  • Fixed a bug where there were floating seats in front of the statue

  • Attempted a fix for problems causing the statue to float in the air

  • Fixed problems where gear in the backpack were upside-down

  • Attempted a fix for Supply Drops getting stuck in the air

  • Attempted a fix for backpack sorting not working correctly

  • Fixed a bug causing people with Skip Animation to have massive amount of lag & delays while clicking to open cases. You should now be able to open cases upwards of 10x the speed as before


Check out our previous update here:

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