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Case Clicker - Update 2 (June 1st, 2019)


Case Clicker - Update 2 (June 1st, 2019)



  • Added a new Ultimate item, the Ghostly Dominus! It will be in the shop this weekend for you to grab!

  • Added a search bar in the Backpack

  • Added the ability to enter a quantity of items you'd like to purchase in the Item Shops

  • Added a Statue that shows the player with the highest Net Worth!



  • The 10 Million Case-Bux Man is now a Legendary item worth, well, 10 million!

  • The Legendary Case is now 325K (was 300K)

  • The Omega Case is now 475K (was 400K)

  • The Bux Per Click upgrade is now slightly more expensive

  • You should no longer see tabs in the backpack for categories that you own no items of

  • To address some recent scam attempts, trading now shows a fully capitalized username of the other player. Be sure to confirm who you're trading with before clicking accept!

  • Slightly increased Daily Shop prices

  • Exclusive items are now worth 1 billion each!

  • Omega items no longer all have the same prices and now are priced between 15 million and 100 million!



  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't unequip anything if you had the max amount of accessories equipped


Monthly Rewards have been given out... however, due to this feature's inability to scale too well, this feature has been removed for the foreseeable future. We are currently attempting to add a new, competitive way to earn items! Stay tuned.

Check out our previous update here:

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