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Case Clicker - Update 1 (May 25th, 2019)


Case Clicker - Update 1 (May 25th, 2019)


**This weekend will be the only time that the Featured Item Shop is filled with ONLY Ultimate items. After this weekend it will begin mixing in Mythic & Omega items as well & Ultimate items will be much harder to obtain!**


  • Added a new "Ultimate" rarity to the game, as well as 4 new items which are of that rarity. These items are: Holographic Domino Crown, Holographic Dominus, Holographic Valkyrie and Holographic Headphones -- Items of this type can only be found in the Featured Item Shop!

  • Added Daily & Featured Item Shops -- Daily will refresh every 24hr and Featured will refresh every 3 days! (players with VIP get 15% off every item in the shop!)

  • Added Venari Wings as a new Exclusive item. They are only obtained through winning Game Nights on our Discord server (



  • We're now using an update number to show what update we're on. Eventually I'll figure out which update naming convention I want to use and stick to it. For now just bare with me..

  • Changed some incorrect, outdated system messages

  • Redesigned the game pass layout in the shop tab

  • Omega Items are now worth 75M

  • Exclusive Items are now worth 750M

  • Mythic Items now all have different values ranging from 100M to 500M

  • The VIP Club Clicker Exchange has been removed, and all items that you gained from it are now not obtainable by any means other than player interaction (trading, market, etc.)

  • To prevent lag with larger servers, you can now only equip 10 accessories at a time

  • Common Case's price has been increased to 3750 (from 3500), however it now has a 1% chance of giving Rare items

  • Mythic Case is now 100 gems

  • Bux clicking multiplier now increases slightly faster than before

  • Made some changes to the wording on some of the trading screens that some players found confusing



  • 2019 Fireworks no longer are whitelisted to work since it was causing problems for some players

Oh yeah, and a meteor hit the map... Wonder what will happen there..


Check out our previous update here:

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